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Genderfloomp Dance Party
Type Event
Description Organizers: Meghan McCarron (aka DJ Buckminster Fuller) and Liz Gorinsky. Co-Sponsors: io9, Small Beer Press, Strange Horizons, Circlet Press, The Tiptree Motherboard, Think Galactic. In honor of the Tiptree Award's 20th anniversary, we seek to explore and expand our concepts of gender via dance party. Gender play/blurring/queering/drag, both in dress and manner, is highly encouraged but hardly required. DJ Buckminster Fuller will keep the party going all night, or at least until the hotel kicks us out. Didn't bring the perfect outfit? Keep your eye on our facebook and twitter feed (@genderfloomp) for organized thrift store outings. Questions? Feedback? Contact us at genderfloompwiscon@gmail.com. F*#k the binary: let's boogie.
Location Assembly
Schedule Sun, 10:00 pm–Mon, 1:00 am
Panelists Liz Gorinsky, Meghan McCarron
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